Master HOA and Villa HOA Information

Helpful Information 

Palma Sola Trace Villa’s

Welcome Villa Owners

Please take a minute to look through this welcome packet as it is full of useful information about living within this community

One Happy Community!

We would like to welcome you to Palma Sola Trace Villas, one of the finest and most convenient neighborhoods in Bradenton

Our neighborhood is one of three within the Palma Sola Trace Community and is governed by a volunteer Board of

Directors. This group of individuals is vital in maintaining the standards of our neighborhood and is elected in the fall of each year.

The Villa Association is managed by C&S Management Co. Contact

information for this service and others are listed below:

Palma Sola Trace Villas HOA

c/o C&S Condominium Management Services, Inc

4301 32nd Street West, Suite A-20 Bradenton, FL 34205

call: 941-758-9454 sola-trace

Bloomings Landscape & Turf

For any Issues: contact C&S at above info.

The Bug Eraser Inc.


call: 941-750-6858


Palma Sola Trace Community Development District (CDD)

Street lights, ponds, emergency gates, pedestrian bridge, storm sewers and drains are under the responsibility of this elected board. Additional information is available on the website:

Trash Disposal

Your trash will be collected twice a week on Mon. and Thur. with recycling also on Mon. Bins can be taken to the curb the night before and must be stored in the garage by the end of the day. Bins should be placed correctly at end of driveway for City pickup. Bins cannot be next to each other. (3′ apart)

Note ! The trash disposal system located in the Condominium area is strictly for Condo use and must not be used by anyone else (only Condos).

Parking and Speed Limits

Please do not park on the grass at any time. Our sprinkler’s are located by the curb and damage will result in costly repairs (Association Dues).

The speed limit through the community is 25 MPH. These are city streets and you may be ticketed. Stop at stop signs.

Pets and Cleanup

All dogs must be leashed at all times when outside your home. Please make sure to clean up after your pet immediately (even if it is on your property and especially on other’s or common areas.

Palma Sola Trace Villa’s

Welcome Villa Owners

Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

This group of volunteers serves the community by reviewing all applications of residents for any outside changes to the villas.  Each owner or renter should have a copy of the standards and guidelines that regulate this community. If not, these documents are available on villa websites.  The ACC review and approval responsibilities embrace all aspects of construction which include, but not limited to the following:

*Land planning
*Site Work, Grading, and drainage
*Architectural Design
*Exterior Colors, Materials, and Finishes
*Construction Materials
*Landscape Design
*Architectural / Landscaping Lighting
*Exterior Alterations / Modifications

Any questions can be directed to the C&S Community Management email who will then provide the contact information for the committee. 

Additional Application form for changes is located on our websites.  (When you are not sure fill out an ACC Form)  

Palma Sola Trace Master Association

This association works with the Villa and Condo association in maintaining a strong and vibrant community. Clubhouse information and an Event Calendar are available on the Master HOA public  This website provides resources for community information and activities.

PST is a great place to live!

Rental / Sales Information

All rentals and sales are governed by the Palma Sola Trace Villa and Master Association bylaws and documents.  All are available online at our Villas website http://www.palmasolatrace.orgwhich is our public access point.

Please review this information.  Access cards and mailbox keys are available through the owner of each unit.  If these are not available, contact the Master Association for information on obtaining a current set of access cards and a locksmith for a new lock and keys for the mailbox.

Amenities of our Community

The Palma Sola Trace Master HOA is responsible for the Clubhouse, Pool, Exercise Room, and Playground. These amenities are shared by the entire community (Single Family Homes),(Villas) and (Condominiums). Some of the rules and regulations governing the use of the pool are as follows:

*Pool hours are from dawn till dusk No lifeguard is on duty
*PST not responsible for any injuries
*Max guests per residence are 4 people
*Bathing suits required and worn in the pool area.
*Babies must wear waterproof diapers at all times (required).
*No Inflatable’s, Frisbees, Skateboards
*Bikes left in the rack by mailboxes
*Food  only in designated areas
*No Smoking or Vaping Additional Pool Information is posted within the Pool Area
-Please Read!!